Cyber Defence Cyber Command – DCI Paris

Exercise Training

Objectif et présentation

Training officers by immersion into some realistic scenario of cyber situational awareness.

DURATION : 1 week.

AWARDED QUALIFICATION : Certificate of Completion.


A realistic scenario with warm-up steps to prepare attendees to the exercise, with live data and streamline events scheduled and driven by the exercise director. Chain of command organisation and process are also replicated Components & hosts settings of our Cyberlab help replicating real situations. These settings are reusable for repeating the exercises within a realistic environment and a comprehensive framework.

Benefits of this training :

  • acquiring skills in facing and managing cyber events ;
  • conducting evaluation/diagnostic from various sources ;
  • building a common operational picture & reporting relevant information ;
  • driving plans options, piloting cyberdefense operations ;
  • getting up to speed in CyberLab key tools used in SOC capabilities.


DCI Paris

2, Place Rio de Janeiro
BP 1908
75362 Paris Cedex 08 France
Tél. : +33 (0) 1 44 95 26 00

Volume horaire

1 week Rennes Coëtquidan (France)

Public pré-requis

LANGUAGE : English
Commanding Officers, CyberOfficers and candidates for position in cyberdefense
Operational officer position, attendees should have knowledge of IT security concepts and applied skills. Technical officier/engineer position, attendees should have skills backed with pratical and recognised experience.